The Kalash is a very small ethnic community of the mountain people, surrounded by the mountains of Hindu-Kush called the Kafir Kalash or Kafiristan, kafir means non-Muslim and Kafiristan means the land of non-Muslims. This small mountain community is not Muslim by religion. They have their own religion, language, cultural and dress, those are unique in the world. Their religion is little in common with Islam and it is thought that it may have roots in early Vedic religion. There is one creator God and several other Gods. The people of these valleys are called Kalashi, who are inhabited only in three valleys in the eastern Hindu-kush Mountain Range, Birir, Bumburate and Rumbur. These three valleys lie close to the border with Afghanistan (Nuristan), surrounded by the high peaks and they are hardly 3000 altogether. Theories about as how the people of Kalash came to inhabit their lofty valleys, some say that they are the descendants of the tribes who intermarried with followers of Alexander the Great, but there is no any evidence that he passed this way. Some people discern traces of Greek civilization and physical characteristics among the Kalash. The Kalash are fair in complexion and rosy cheeked some people are blond and blue eyes, whatever their origin, are unique with their culture, religion and language in this part of the world.

Trip Itinerary Suitable period:(May to October):

Day-01 : Arrival to Islamabad airport and sightseeing
Day-02 : Fly to Chitral, sightseeing
Day-03 : Proceed to Bomburet
Day-04 : Day free for walking or hiking around
Day-05 : Drive to Birir
Day-06 : Drive to Rambur Valley and some walking
Day-07 : Drive back to Chitral
Day-08 : Day excursion to Garmchashma (hot spring water)
Day-09 : Fly to Islamabad
Day-10 : Full day visit to Taxila
Day-11 : Fly back to homeland (drop to airport)

Image Gallery Of Kalash Spring Festival